MD, 9 years experience in emergency care delivery at public hospital institution. 4 years experience in medical device evaluation including human factors


PhD, expert in data management and biostatistics

Three investigation scenarios at MCP living lab:

  • One user representative and one medical device

  • A care delivery team (several users working together) and one or several medical devices

  • One user representative or a care delivery team, a simulated patient and one or several medical devices

MCP facilities give full flexibility to conduct study in the three scenarios

MCP sas Investigation methods:

  • MCP’s HF and usability engineering study concept is based on the integration of ergonomic, neuro-sensorial, cognitive, and psychosocial sciences to guide R&D team in the design development of medical devices
  • MCP has designed dedicated computer assisted multi HD camera and sound recording equipment combined with software to conduct multitasks analysis
  • MCP has developed data and statistical analysis process to deliver study results as quicker possible after study completion

  • MCP’s investigative methods are intended for the evaluation of a wide range of medical devices ranging from self-administration drug systems, care delivery devices by healthcare professionals, to smartphone and tablet application with interconnectivity